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Funeral Celebrants

To view the celebrants we work with, please find a list below, or click on your area of the map.

If the person who has died was not particularly religious, you may feel it more appropriate to use a funeral celebrant to lead the service rather than a faith leader. Celebrants are people who have undertaken training which qualifies them to officiate at a funeral. Their role is to assist the family in developing a funeral service which reflects and celebrates the unique qualities of the individual. The initial step is to have a conversation with the celebrant, either in person, or possibly by video call or phone call. At this stage, the celebrant will try to gather as much information as possible about the deceased in order that they can establish the type of service most suited to the family and their loved one. It is helpful at this point if people feel able to share their memories of the deceased so that the celebrant can identify their unique characteristics and ensure that these can be included in the service. Many people find the celebrant particularly helpful when it comes to writing the eulogy (a speech, read out at the funeral, which tells the mourners about the deceased, their family and their main qualities and interests) which can be a challenging task to undertake when you are still trying to process the death. This is also the best time to consider any music or readings to include as part of the service. If you find it difficult to think of any suitable options, your celebrant will be able to suggest some ideas. Once the key aspects of the service have been decided, it is then necessary to create an order of service for the funeral. These can, if you wish, be printed for the mourners; some people like to have a photograph of the deceased on the cover. Although these can be created and printed professionally (either by the funeral director or by a professional printing company), it is possible to create these at home if you have a computer and printer. Celebrants have a great deal of experience in how to ensure that every aspect of the funeral is carried out in a sensitive and dignified way, thus easing the burden on loved ones. Their fees range according to the services they offer and the location.

Our Professionals

Zoe Long
Rowan Armstrong
Jane Paley
Holme Made
John Welch
Precious Momentos
Jann Michelle
Jon Matson-Higgins
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Zoe Long Logo

North Lincolnshire & North Nottinghamshire

Rowan Armstrong

Lancashire & South Cumbria

Jane Paley

Suffolk and South Norfolk

Karen Beattie Logo

West Yorkshire

John Welch Logo

Staffordshire, South Derbyshire and Northern Birmingham

Precious Momentos Logo

Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Jann-Michelle Summers Logo


Jon Matson-Higgins Logo



London, Surrey and Essex

Kim Garner
Lyndsey Conquest
Kirstie Atherton
Susanna Brookes
Anita Scott
Wendy Veal Photo
Sarah Mumby Photo
Helen Jones Logo

E, S, W Nottinghamshire & East Derbyshire

Kim Garner Logo

Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset & West Sussex

Lyndsey Conquest Logo

Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Kirstie Atherton Logo

Cheshire and Merseyside

Susanna Brookes

South Yorkshire

Anita Scott Logo


Wendy Veal Logo
FPC Logo

 Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucester

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North Devon

We are working hard to partner with more celebrants in your areas. Please call us for more information.

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